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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I know, I said I'd write an installment today, but Mom and I had a surprise truck delivery we had to do that took 13 hours, round-trip. We have to be up in six hours for the Hub's surgery tomorrow-- an almost two-hour drive, then getting registered at the hospital and having an EKG and blood tests etc. His surgery is scheduled for 11:30, and will take an hour and a half. Once they let him leave, we have the two-hour drive back home, and then I don't know. Probably we will both pass out. I will write an installment before the weekend is over, though. My apologies for the delay.


Tekikat said...

Best of luck to your hubs surgery.....and don't forget to take care of you!

Heather Lane said...

Good luck with the surgery! Taking care of yourself is very important!

Margaret S said...

Wishing Hubs well for his surgery. You will need your energy for him and the family so don't push yourself too hard. Installment can wait awhile.

nikirenee said...

family comes first. don't worry about us, we may whine but we understand. <3

L.M. said...

Well wishes for your hubby! Take all the time you need. Hugs and love

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