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Monday, June 26, 2017


Well, I drove to south Texas Saturday, came back to Albuquerque yesterday-- late, close to midnight. Slept about two hours all weekend, then helped unload Amber's moving truck. Everything hurts, but especially where my neck and shoulder meet on the left side. I have scoliosis, so my spine is crooked, and the bend is to the right by my shoulder blade (compressing a couple of discs), so back aches happen often and blah blah. Amber and the kids are moved up here, so that's the important thing.

I'll write an installment later tonight, once the grandkids have visited and I've had a chance to shower.

But, if you would, please, pass this along. We're only raised 75$ for Peyton and his family, and this is a little boy with a recurrence of Ewing's Sarcoma. It's a serious GoFundMe. I'm not asking y'all to donate, unless you can afford to, of course, but please do share the link. Thank you so much.


Peyton's GoFundMe

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