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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I knew there was something I was forgetting yesterday!!

First off, in regards to some of the issues with First For Romance, I did contact them and let them know there were questions.

In regards to the DRMs in particular:

"The titles that have DRM are sent to us from Publishers via our distributor. Unfortunately we can’t control whether those publishers want DRM on their books or not. However, on each product page it explains clearly whether the book requires Adobe Digital Edition or Blue Fire to read the book (a DRM book) or whether the book is available non-DRM direct from self-published authors and publishers (in these instances it will also clearly state what formats are available). The more self-published authors and independent publishers that sign up to the store in the coming weeks, the more non-DRM books will be available. Please bear with us as this site is still in alpha testing phase. We do however, appreciate greatly any feedback and will do our best to react and make changes that make the journey for readers and authors a pleasant experience."

And the site, as it says above, is still in a testing phase, so I'm going to have a little faith that it'll get better. 

Now, on to the winners!

Chosen via Random.org, congratulations to:

AiboPals said...
I would like to try this new site, I am a little confused about what file formats they provide, but I have connected it with my Pride Pub account

And to:

nikirenee said...
Wow. Great surprise 😀

If y'all can email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com to give me the email addie you use at First For Romance, I'll get y'all's gift certificate sent out! 


AiboPals said...

Thanks so very much hun <3

Shorty Chelle said...

Congrats to the winners.

Bailey;-) said...

You're very welcome, AiboPals! <3

Bailey;-) said...

***huggz*** <3 Shorty Chelle!

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