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Friday, September 1, 2017

KU and Amazon and other sellers...Giving it a try this weekend

I am in such a bad space today, and normally I'd hate to share that, but it was a close call to deleting my FB and Twitter and website-- but no, not the blog. I can't do that. But today I just feel so hopeless it's difficult to function. This industry is breaking my heart and head. Not the people, the readers, but the business part.

I spent most of yesterday and today applying for jobs and arguing with a college about transcripts and financial aid (the part about me being self-employed and not getting any 1099's is a problem, but publishers outside of the US don't have to send us any annual statement, and so they don't do it). I'm just completely frustrated, and I have the responsibility of quite a few family members squarely on my shoulders, and mine alone.

Did I mention that Amber and the kids are here, and Amber and Michael are getting divorced? He's not here, btw. He's back in Texas. Wish I'd known he wasn't moving up here; we would have looked at other housing solutions besides two separate apartments that aren't exactly inexpensive-- had to find ones where we could take our furbabies.

I don't even want to discuss how small my royalties were today.

Well, it will take a couple of months +, but I am going to have to give KU and Amazon a try. This weekend, I'll put up Destined Prey on Kindle Unlimited-- y'all have read that one. It was originally written with all proceeds going to Cherri. I figure since it sold well, it's the one to put on KU. That was y'all aren't missing anything if you don't have KU.

I'm debating on And the Stars Danced, and Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings. Huh. Or maybe I'll put those two on KU, and Destined Prey on Amazon and iBooks etc. That's probably the better way to do it. Destined Prey would likely be more popular out of those 3 books, and therefore releasing it on multiple platforms would be best.

Uh. There's that whole conversion to different formats thing, though.

>.< The point is, though, all of these are books y'all have likely read, so if they are on KU, it shouldn't be a problem, as I mentioned in a previous post on the issue.

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend. **huggz**


Donna said...

Bailey, I have a friend who was getting barely any royalties and decided to give KU a try (If KU is the free read one) She tried with one book and was pleasantly surprised. She is in the process of moving all of her books there. She never was a high seller, but she is amazed how her books are being received. I think you will find it is a big hit. Hugs on the financial woes, and I am really sorry to hear about Amber. Maybe, you guys can find a new place that will take fur babies and be suitable for all of you. I sent you an email with my friends name. She lives in Albuquerque now, has for 2 years, and her son has lived there for years. She may be able to help you with finding housing, as her son knows the area well. She is also a great sounding board and has been through many of the same business issues and some of the same life shit. Know that you are loved by us, even if you don't write anymore. Hugs

KarenJ said...

Bailey, the only thing I have learned when dealing with depression is to just take it one day at a time. Anything more is just too overwhelming. Not sure that helps, but just know there are people out there who are only sending you positive vibes! 😘😘😘

Lisa Linkous said...

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