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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Monday Author Promo! Featuring Phoenix Hell

Several authors, bloggers, and readers are working together to promote authors across all the social media platforms. My amazing friend Phoenix is the first author up for promotion here on my blog! I'm so excited! I hope y'all will check out Phoenix's work and links, and please share those links :-D Thank y'all <3

Hellagor's Flame Blurb:

Meet Hellagor, he's a Sprite-Witch hybrid plus he's a Prince like his fathers’. His grandmother is Queen of the Sprites. He had told his friends that he was crushing on a porn star. They split the secret to all forms of social media.

Meet Flame Nature: Porn Star Extraordinaire. He learns about Hellagor's crush. After being kidnapped by a group of rogue soldiers, found by an irritated Hellagor and then healed by a Goddess, the Sprite hybrid accidentally unleashes his powers and those of his friends that came to rescue Flame after unleashing his fury on the rogue soldiers.
Can the porn stars grasp what has happened to them? Will Flame accept Hellagor as a lover? Will they ever end up happily ever after?

Book One in the Supernatural Porn Stars series

Warning: Contains scenes of mild Gay Lovin, Magic Powers, M-Preg, Demi Gods and Angels

Genre: Alternative (M/M; F/F), Paranormal, Shape-shifter/Witch, Angels, Gods
Length: 53, 432

About the author:

Who Am I?

Well, I'm a son, grandson, best friend, brother, uncle; a gray witch, and Oracle.
One who fights invisible illnesses and mental ones.
I'm shy at first but when you get to know me I'm fun and loving.
I have always loved the paranormal and since reading the gay romance scene, I wanted to be the next Anne Rice or Sherrilyn Kenyon with a twist.
So I'm currently writing gay romance with either a Paranormal spin or a supernatural twist.
When I'm not writing, I am reading books by my favorite authors, drinking sweet tea and just trying to relax.

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