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Monday, November 6, 2017

PNut-- Please Share and Donate if You Can.

This is my boy, PNut. He is a hugger and a cuddler. This morning when I returned from a doctor's appointment, PNut didn't get up to greet me like he always does. He'd been reluctant to go out last night for his potty break, but I thought that was just because it was chilly outside.

No. When he didn't greet me, I cuddled him up and he felt cold. I called vet clinics and got him in to one. After running bloodwork, they diagnosed him with Addison's Disease.

I don't like asking for help, but I will beg if that's what it takes, to get help for him. It's going to cost up to $976 plus change to save his life. I left him at the vet clinic for overnight treatment. I didn't know what else to do; I can't lose him. Tomorrow, I have to pay the vet bill. It will cost around $100 a month for the medications he needs to keep him alive.

He's worth it. He's all that's helped me hold it together sometimes.

Please, if you can, donate to his vet bill, either through the GoFundMe:

Save PNut's Life

Or directly to my PayPal:


Please share the GoFundMe and this post. We need help. Thank you.

<3 Bailey


Shorty Chelle said...

I am sorry to hear this about PNut. I sincerely hope he gets better soon. **huggz** <3

Donna said...

Hi Bailey,

My friend that moved to NM has a Minipin who has Addison's disease. The dog was diagnosed in Maine. She found the meds very expensive until I told her to check into Sam's club. I get my meds there. I pay for the plus membership. 100 a year and the meds are so much cheaper. She said it dropped the meds from around 100 a month to around 40. You can call Sam's club and ask them to price them out. Make sure you ask them for the plus membership price. The regular membership doesn't give the discount. It also discounts my meds dramatically and I'm on Medicare, so I need it. Thinking of poor P'nut.

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