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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Congratulations to Cheyenne McCray writing as Jaymie Holland! Her latest release is avialable now at Totally Bound! Check out Wicked Surrender, book 2 in the Surrender series:

Wicked Surrender

Andi Kelly leaves for a weekend at an exclusive BDSM resort to experience what it’s like to submit to a dominant man. She never expects to meet the man of her dreams.
Andi Kelly is looking forward to a weekend of uninhibited sex and turning over control to a dominant man for just two days. She’s headed to what patrons refer to as Club Surrender, an exclusive resort catering to those who live the lifestyle of, or wish to experience, BDSM.
What she never expects is to meet the man of her dreams—Derrick Macintyre, who just happens to be the president of the investment firm she works for.
Derrick has had his eye on Andi for as long as she’s worked at the investment firm. When he learns she’s planning a weekend at his favorite club, he ensures that she ends up as his sub—and he intends to make her his, for always.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of MFM and FFF ménage, anal play and food play.
Publisher's Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been revised and reedited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

Jaymie Holland 2018

She could do this. She could be a submissive for one weekend at Club Surrender, which was nestled away beside an exclusive mansion and park in Beverly Hills.
Now she just needed to find the right Dom to rock her world.
In the shadows near Club Surrender’s bar, Andi Kelly clutched her martini glass so tightly she was afraid the slender stem would snap. The cosmopolitan would hopefully begin its magic soon, allowing her to relax—at least a little. This was her fantasy. She could do it.
What a way to have great sex, too, without worrying about a relationship. She had a career to think about and wasn’t ready to commit to any kind of ties. Some men she’d met had wanted relationships—more than she’d been willing to give. That or they’d just wanted to screw around and use her, and she wasn’t a one-night-stand kind of woman. So, she’d gotten away from dating and it had been way too long since she’d been laid.
Even though this retreat was all about Domination and submission, she’d still be in control. No strings, no attachments, and she’d be able to choose her Dom. Hopefully she’d find one she’d love to have mind-bending sex with.
Sex with no expectations of any kind of commitment. My kind of relationship.
Her gaze took in the room filled with seemingly normal everyday people—they could have been lawyers, doctors, secretaries, construction workers, computer programmers, waitresses—just ordinary people with one thing in common…
They were all into kink—BDSM.
Andi took a bigger drink and the heat of the alcohol burned down her throat to pool in her empty stomach. Oh, she’d be feeling the buzz soon, all right. She needed it if she was going to go through with this.
For a moment, her thoughts drifted to her best friends, Chessie, Bryn, and Sydney. What would they think if they knew Andi was at a bondage club? She smiled to herself. The girls would be amazingly supportive, even if they thought Andi had gone off the deep end. That was just the way her friends were. They didn’t judge or criticize. Instead they cared and wanted the best for each other.
But Chessie…
When Andi had told her friend, Chessie Tarantino, about her fantasy to be a submissive for a night, maybe even a few nights, Chessie had surprised—no, shocked—her by recommending a weekend away at Club Surrender.
Andi had asked Chessie how she knew about the club, but her friend had just blushed and shrugged. Apparently, Chessie and her new husband were into kink themselves.
The club’s dimly lit lounge smelled of the tantalizing aroma of the appetizers displayed on a table along one wall of the room. Cranberry-goat-cheese canapes, tomato-feta bites, beef tenderloin with merlot jam, and fingerling potatoes with avocado and smoked salmon.
Andi’s stomach growled and she hugged herself with one arm while she took another sip of her cosmo. She was hungry, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to eat—she might not be able to keep it down, as nervous as she was. Instead she closed her eyes for a moment, listening to the throb of the music, an alternative rock song that pounded in time with her pulse.
Andi opened her eyes, took a deep breath, and glanced at the bartender before turning her gaze back to the room. So far, she had escaped notice—or maybe her body language had been read loud and clear. Don’t come near me. I’m scared half out of my mind.
Which wasn’t like Andi at all. Because of her tenacity and her ability to close the deal like no one else could, she had recently been promoted to Vice President of Tarantino Investments. Known as a tough but fair boss, she could run circles around any man when it came to her work. Any man but Derrick Macintyre, that was.
Andi frowned at the thought of the ruthless investor, who now ran the company once owned by Nick Tarantino. Before Nick had turned over the reins to Derrick, he’d had Andi’s position. But once he’d taken over, Derrick had promoted her to the V.P. position he had vacated.
His dominating presence made her feel like a novice in comparison to the effortless skill with which he ran the company. Before he had promoted her, she’d barely had any contact with him. Now, she had just maybe too much.
Something about him always made her squirm in her chair at the board meetings he led. She hated how just being in the same room with him made her nipples so taut they ached. Of course, the fact that he was one of the sexiest men alive might have something to do with it.
Shoving thoughts of Derrick out of her mind, Andi raised her chin and stepped out of the shadows. This was her weekend to find out what it was like to submit completely and turn over all control to a Dom. If that was going to happen, she needed to put herself out there.
Here I am. Come and get me.
Why the thought turned her on, she wasn’t sure. Except maybe she was tired of always being the one in control in her job, in her life. To turn that over to someone else, if only for a weekend, was a fantasy she’d had for a while. At night, when she was alone with her vibrator, she would imagine what it would be like to be at a man’s mercy—tied up and forced to do whatever he wanted.
A tremor of shock rolled through Andi and she froze. Across the room, a tall and powerfully built man stood with his back to her. He spoke with a diminutive blonde who looked up at him with a sultry expression in her big eyes.
Andi narrowed her gaze. It couldn’t be—no. But that dark wavy hair curling just above the collar of his coal-gray suit jacket, those broad shoulders and strong hands…
No. It was most definitely not her new boss.
Andi took another drink of her cosmo, finishing it off in one gulp. It couldn’t be him. She set the empty martini glass on the bar and started to slink back into the shadows, but the man turned and his gaze met hers. Electricity zinged through Andi’s body, straight to her core.
It was him.
Derrick Macintyre.

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