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Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Babble

Y'all, yesterday and most of the night was migraine hell, but that sucker's finally gone. :D

Today I'll be working on Mr. June, and I really need to finish Jasper Soul and And the Planets Swayed and formatting on Bowen's Battle, Prey Mate, and the other ARe story and OMT (oh my tink) I need more hands, brains, and time!

A little about Mr. June:

Ilias is a good guy who tends to date losers, though he doesn't see them as such at first. The latest one was using him just to be a part of the calendar shoot as one of the couples featured in it.

What happens when someone who isn't a loser-- who is the total package-- sets his heart on Ilias? We're all going to find out.

Other news, Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and Happy Weekend to all of us :D

I'm very excited for Donna to be moving down here! She's been a fabulous friend I met here on the blog, and she's extended kindness my way many times. So to have her moving to Albuquerque, and to be able to critique and hold writing sessions with her? Awesome!

Besides that, our lease is up at these apartments at the end of April. I think we're going to bail after that, because we're paying a lot for this place and I'd like to pay less and not have neighbors above me or behind me bowling or chasing water buffalos in the middle of the night. And I'd like a yard for PNut; he hasn't been able to get out and run for a year now, except for the time someone's kid approached him while I was walking him, and PNut slipped his collar and ran all the way back to our apartment. He's a little skittish.

Today's a gorgeous day here, and I'm sitting on the patio, trying to ignore Miss Priss meowing at me (letting me know she isn't happy that I'm out here and she isn't). It's a dangerous UV day, though, so I'm only out here until the sun moves over a little more and the patio is no longer shady. Then I'll go back to my cave.

On a personal note, I need to write stories based on my dates. Who needs to think up comedic stuff when I can just use the factual events? :D I will admit most of the awkward stuff has been on my end, because I haven't dated in over thirty years, really. The gals and guys I've met have been pretty fun people, though; in that, I've been lucky, and they've all been cool with me not wanting a relationship, per se. Dating is fine; commitment, not at this time. It's been a good year in some ways, getting to be myself and not having to deal with other peoples' expectations.

Well, that's about all for now. It's been a while since I babbled! I hope y'all are all doing well, and are happy! ***huggz***

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Relearning oneself is a trip with many curves, lol!

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