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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Bowen's Battle

Y'all remember Bowen's Battle from the blog last year? I'm working on edits on it, and will hopefully have it self-pubbed next week. No significant changes, so if you've read it, there's nothing new there other than a LOT of corrections, lol.

I'll have it for sale as many places as I can that aren't KU for a few weeks, then I'll pull it and stick it on KU. I hate to not leave it out on its own for long, but KU takes forever to pay, and I have to make a living. That's harder and harder to do without KU nowadays.

I'll share an excerpt and book cover once I have those, and of course links and such when Bowen's Battle is out. Then I have to revise The Jasper Soul, Midnight Run. Prey Mate, and still, And the Planets Swayed. And write Mr. September. And of course, revise Tides and get it pubbed, too. O.o

Well. I'll be a little busy. Between all that, watching the grands while Amber works, and the rest of life, things should be pretty interesting....


Donna said...

I didn't know you were that far along. I feel as though I let you down on my part

Bailey;-) said...

Not at all, Donna. ***huggz*** I've just got a lot I need to get self-pubbed ASAP.

nikirenee said...

Looking forward to it

Nica said...

Sounds great :)

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