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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last week was just...

weird, on the personal level. I took the keedos to a midnight showing of Eclipse--- dropped them off and waited in the parking lot for the most part. About half an hour before the movie let out, I heard a car pull up on the other side of the truck beside me. Didn't think much of it until I saw four guys trying to break into the truck beside mine. Let me tell you, I nearly peed my pants trying to start my truck and get away. The would-be criminals escaped before I did, and I spent the next good while trying to figure out how I got lucky enough to park beside the one truck out of hundreds that someone would attempt to break into.

I'd also like to add, security didn't give a crap when I hunted down a security guard. Yeesh.

The next day, my oldest daughter's ex roomie was arrested for attempted murder/assault with a deadly weapon. This is a girl we've known for years... You really don't ever know someone; I've heard it said and pretty much believed it but that occurrence slammed it home. That's a sad situation all the way around.

We had a surprise visit by family over the weekend, one of the nice surprise visits, not the "Oh my God why'd you let them know we were home?!" kind of visit. Strangely enough, I got more writing done this weekend than usual. Less sleep, more writing, that's okay with me.

Now I have to go pick up keedos and get stuff for DD 3's birthday tomorrow, then I'll settle back and write some more.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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