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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well... Random Babble Alert

After visiting with people yesterday-- or did they visit with me? They came here... I was ready for some peace and quiet. Which means, of course, that a herd of kids bombarded my house and I ended up making a roast to feed them-- sucker was gone in the blink of an eye-- and then made them chocolate chip cookies and m & m cookies for dessert. Holy mama, I was ready for 'em to leave so I could write. The cookies were probably a mistake, now the monsters... kids... are going to think I do that kind of stuff regularly. Nope. Last time I made cookies was two years ago. What possessed me last night? Maybe Martha Stewart did a little astral projection and accidentally collided with my undomestic self.

Whatever, if it happens again, I'm putting the stove on a dolly and rolling it out onto the front lawn. First come, first serve, it'll be gone in no time:D But the cookies are really good...

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and y'all get plenty of homemade cookies someone else makes, just because they want to do it for you:D Next week will be a 3-part installment in Bend, Mon-Weds-Fri, haven't got it written yet, but it'll happen. Y'all take care--

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