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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heh... here's how the morning started...

It's about 25 degrees outside, and the kids had to get to school, so...

Me to youngest daughter: Hey, you wanna go start the truck and turn the heater on so we don't freeze to death on the drive to school?

YD: Sure! (That was a little too enthusiastic. I clutched the keys tighter and looked at her, wondering if this was such a good idea. Obviously my doubt showed.)

YD: Dad lets me start the truck all the time. I'll do it from the passenger side so I'm away from the gear thing.

Me: Gear thing? Maybe I should do this...

YD: No, I can! Please? I know how, ask Dad.

Me: Um. Okay. (Hands key over with a fair amount of trepidation.)

Out goes the youngest while Second Youngest and I stare at the door.

SY: I could have started it.

Me: (Who now realizes she's in deep crap with SY) I, er, you were still doing your  makeup. (She was!!)

SY: But I'm done NOW.

Lack of enough coffee has me frowning. ME: You weren't when I asked! You can do it tomorrow.

SY: Fine.

*I'm now thinking, God, next time I'll just do it myself! Youngest daughter comes running in, digs in my purse for two seconds then bolts for my bedroom before returning a minute later and looking at me, her cheeks flushed.*

YD: Uh, where's the spare keys?

*Oh. Shit.*

Me: They were in my purse until your Dad took them out because, according to him, I shouldn't be carrying both sets.  *And maybe I shouldn't, but... both sets should remain close at hand, not in two different towns.*

YD: (Digging in my purse again) Oh, well, I... lockedthekeysinthetruckwithitrunning..."

Me and SY: Huh?

YD: Well, I kind of slipped getting out and...

*Okay, at this point, and even now, I can't figure out HOW she locked the truck on accident as she fell out of it. I THINK she probably locked it out of habit and slammed the door then had an 'Oh crap' moment or three.*

YD: The keys aren't in here.

SY: I can't be late to school!!

Me, after checking the time: Well, you're gonna be unless you want to walk. Probably even then. You could run, or the principal can come get you. *Small towns:D The principal has picked up my kids twice over the  past five years, once when I had a flat and once when the truck was stuck in mud-- but that's a whole 'nother story.*

SY, in full indignation mode: I am not riding with any school official!

*Someone besides me needs coffee... or Midol, maybe.*

ME: Yeah? Then you can walk or be late, but either way, you BOTH are going to school. *To youngest*: Call your Dad.

*Of course, Dad had the spare set and was halfway to work, over twenty minutes away. He started to protest and yups, I snarled. Still hadn't had enough coffee. One kid was griping and the youngest was trying to convince me not to tell her school that she'd locked the keys in the truck. I did explain to her that most people lock their keys in their vehicles at least once-- I've done it three times, I think. It happens. And really, I keep snickering even though the spouse is not happy having to be late, the second youngest is pouting over being late, and the youngest is bouncing around and offering bribes if I tell the spouse I'M the one who locked the keys in the truck. It was cute, lol.*

And the kids got to school... late, but still. I found the whole thing amusing, one of those little bits of life that burrows into the memory, even if I did get snarly at the DH (I did apologize) and he knew just from the youngest's evasive answers that she locked the keys in the truck. At least it wasn't a dull morning, and I had enough time to gulp down about half a pot of coffee:D

I hope you all have an awesome day, and that there's plenty of things to laugh about and appreciate in it!

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