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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A peek at the last Spirits book--

If it's contracted and all. Because Laine and Severo have been on my mind nonstop, and because sometimes it's too easy to be complacent and fall into a rut--

Chapter One

It had been a long time—years, really—since Laine had dreaded waking up. Once Severo came into his life and firmly entrenched himself in Laine’s heart, mornings had been something to look forward to, to savor, even if all they did was cuddle close for a few minutes.
This morning, however, Laine wished he could keep his eyes shut and just freeze time. Sev was curled up against him, on him, a sleek thigh over one of his, Sev’s knee pressed between Laine’s legs. Sev had one arm around Laine’s torso below the sternum and his head was pillowed, albeit not softly, on Laine’s chest.
Laine would swear he could feel each silky black strand of his lover’s hair touching his skin. Sev shifted slightly, nestling closer. Hot little tendrils of pain speared out from Laine’s arm pit and he hissed softly. Feeling carefully, trying not to wake his lover, Laine found the spot where Sev’s silver necklace had tangled in his pit hair. Wasn’t the first time it’d happened, and it smarted like hell as he lost a few hairs to the chain, but Laine wouldn’t have asked Sev to remove the beloved piece of jewelry before going to bed. That necklace had been a gift to Sev from his grandmother, the only person in his family who hadn’t thought Sev was crazy when they found out Sev could communicate with the dead. Sev’s parents had found it easier to believe their young son was crazy instead of psychic, and if the grandmother hadn’t intervened, who knew how long Sev would have ended up locked away in the state mental institution.
As always, thinking about Sev as a young, terrified kid stuffed away in a place like that got Laine’s temper up. His arms tightened around his lover as if to protect him from the past even as Laine realized the futility of the gesture. Sev grunted and wriggled against the embrace although he did trail a hand down the thick treasure trail leading to Laine’s straining dick.
“Trying to suffocate me?” Sev groused, his voice as rough and warm as the hand now gripping Laine’s erection. “Wouldn’t you rather fuck me since I’m gonna be gone a few days?”
Laine finally opened his eyes and growled at the reason he didn’t particularly want to wake up this morning. He hated it—hated it—when Sev consulted for police departments. Even if it was close, somewhere Sev could come home each night, Laine hated seeing his lover worn down, sucked into deaths and the horrible realities of what people could do to one another. That this particular consult would be in San Antonio—a six or so hour drive away—sucked beyond all words. Laine couldn’t take off to accompany Sev, either, having already used his vacation days to take his lover on a romantic vacation to Hawaii. It’d cost a shit load of money, but each and every smile that had graced Sev’s tempting lips had made it well worth the expense. Laine would take Sev anywhere he wanted to go just to see one smile like that, even if it bankrupted him.
“Yeah, I would,” Laine finally said when he realized he’d been lost in his thoughts for several minutes. He rolled to his side, nudging Sev fully onto his as well, and kicked at the sheet and blanket tangled around their calves.
Sev chuckled and helped kick the material off the bed, his hand tightening on Laine’s cock. “You’re still squeezing the breath outta me.” A sharp nip to Laine’s chest, for emphasis he assumed, had him grudgingly loosening his hold. Laine smoothed a hand up Sev’s back, chasing goose bumps as they rippled the soft honey-brown skin. He followed those bumps over Sev’s shoulder then up to cup the firm jaw raspy with dark stubble. Tipping Sev’s head back, Laine felt the same jolt as he looked into those pale green eyes—celadon, Laine hadn’t forgotten once Sev told him what color his eyes were. Despite the years together, Laine couldn’t look into those eyes and not feel the same swell of desire and need to possess as he had the first time he’d seen Sev. Laine hadn’t recognized the feelings for what they were back then, but he knew them as well as he knew his lover now.
“I don’t want you to go,” Laine admitted, laying himself bare for this man. Sev wouldn’t laugh at him, accuse him of being a sentimental fool. Over protective, sure, but Sev liked that even if he did bitch about it from time to time.
Sleep heavy lids hid Sev’s pretty eyes as he sighed. Laine pushed gently, an unspoken demand for his lover to look at him. Sev’s lids lifted and Laine’s heart turned in his chest at the love he saw in those pale depths. “I don’t want to go. I hate leaving you, but…”
“Yeah. But.” Laine swallowed loudly as he stroked Sev’s cheek. But… there’s five dead young women in the past two months, and no clues, and the SAPD are desperate. Laine didn’t blame the San Antonio Police Department at all. Each one of the victims had been young, barely out of their teens, and their deaths had been brutal, not quick at all. He couldn’t be so selfish as to deny the victims’ families justice, not if Sev could help. But. He still didn’t want Sev to go, a feeling akin to fear boiled in Laine’s stomach every time he thought of his lover getting involved in the San Antonio case.
“I can’t not go,” Sev murmured, rubbing his cheek against Laine’s palm. The skritch of whiskers against his hand felt good, and the sound seemed amplified after Sev’s statement, some weird testament to the fact that Laine would soon be alone. “Those girls… if I can reach any of them, stop the killer from killing again…”
But—Laine really hated that word—if Sev couldn’t, because not everyone who died hung around after, and the sick bastard continued with his killing spree, then Sev would bear a guilt that shouldn’t be his. There was only so much the man could do, not that Sev would see it that way. Any more deaths would be, no matter what Laine or anyone else said, Sev’s fault, at least partially.
Laine brushed a gentle kiss over Sev’s parted lips then nuzzled his face into the black silky hair coiling over Sev’s shoulder. “I know, I do, but you aren’t responsible for what that fucker down there’s doing, promise me you’ll remember that.” Even as he asked, Laine knew it was a stupid request. He leant his head back as Sev opened his mouth to argue, Laine could see it lighting his eyes, but Laine had a better use for that mouth, that slick, sweet tongue.
Cupping the back of Sev’s head, Laine took his lover’s lips, holding back the impulse to bruise and mark, keeping his movements slow, tender, his anger and fear shoved down to keep it from interfering in their love making. He didn’t want this to be a rough fuck, hard and fast and nasty. That was all well and good at times, but something about Sev leaving him this time was making him ache all the way to his soul, and it scared Laine even though he knew it was unreasonable. He was just a grumpy, possessive man who wanted his lover with him, and he was logical enough to know that couldn’t happen, not with Sev doing what he did.
The dip at the base of Sev’s throat called to Laine as he trailed kisses down Sev’s neck. How long had it been since Laine had taken the time to really love Sev, to worship his sexy body the way Sev deserved to be worshipped? The man was gorgeous, it was true, but even more, he was the best man Laine had ever known, generous and so very sweet… And they’d maybe grown complacent here, in this part of their relationship, sex coming so easy and natural that neither of them really put as much into it as they should.
Laine hadn’t, he knew. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d tasted that divot, but he was going to now. Pushing Sev onto his back while keeping his lips pressed to the man’s neck wasn’t as difficult as Laine had thought it’d be. Then he delved into that spot, lapped the salty smooth flesh with his tongue as Sev whimpered, and Laine gave up on thinking, his hands clutching at Sev’s hair, tugging until Sev arched his neck and gave Laine more. Laine hefted his body up, reluctantly lifting his mouth from Sev’s skin after one last nip that made the man squeal. He levered himself over Sev, coming down on his elbows to keep most of his weight off while Sev spread his thighs, his slighter body cradling Laine’s. They both groaned as their cocks touched, then Laine brought his lower body down, pinning the two leaking rods between their bodies.
Sev shuddered, clasping Laine’s arms then fumbling for another hold.
“Christ, baby!” Laine jerked from head to toe as Sev tormented his nipples, pulling and pinching the taut nubs before raking his blunt nails over them. Ass clenching as pleasure-pain zinged from his tits to his balls, Laine thrust his cock against Sev’s, the pre-cum slicked heads easing the forceful drive. Laine quivered with the need to take, to pound away, rut against his lover and fuck finesse and tender touches. The way Sev keened and writhed, the hard twist of Laine’s nipples, the blazing heat centered at the base of Laine’s spine, threatening to boil up to his brain and down to his balls—all of it made it nearly impossible for Laine to maintain control, and yet, he wanted more for them than just to slake this flash-fire of lust.
Lungs heaving with the effort, Laine reined in his scattered control and took a deep breath as Sev stilled beneath him, looking at him through narrowly slitted lids. He could see the question forming on those plump lips. “I don’t want this,” Laine said, grinding his pelvis against Sev’s, “I want this.” Dipping his head, he gently took Sev’s lips, infusing the kiss with all the tenderness and love he felt for Sev.
Sev’s eyes closed and his lips parted as he linked his arms over Laine’s shoulders. Laine sank more of his weight down as he claimed Sev’s mouth, his tongue seeking out every sensitive spot as Sev opened wider, offering himself without hesitation. Sev moaned as he wrapped his legs around Laine’s hips. The brush of leg hair and the feel of those strong thighs against Laine’s sides made Laine dizzy, or maybe it was the way Sev thrust up, his cock teasing Laine’s. The heels of Sev’s feet pressed hard against Laine’s buttocks, urging him to move.
Laine locked his joints and growled into the kiss, adding a bite to Sev’s bottom lip as warning. There’d be no rushing him, no taking the quick, easy orgasm. Laine was going to take his time and relearn every little sexy sound, every move and each hidden erotic spot on his lover—and Sev was going to let him do it.

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