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Thursday, March 17, 2011


This whole Internet thing has my days thrown off. I debated... do I post today, or did the installment count for today? Do I ramble on and help y'all take a nap, or do I leave it be with the cliffhanger?

Well, obviously I chose rambling O.o Really, I don't have much to ramble about! It's been an uneventful week other than the 'Net stuff. We did go play mini golf, and I wasn't quit as bad at it as I am at bowling. My mind is not the only thing constantly in the gutter :D

Other than that, it's been working on edits and spending massive time with the kids. Driving lessons for our 17 year old, and let me tell you... love her to death, but she's scared the beegeezus out of me. The whole doing a 360 backwards was particularly terrifying, although I managed to calmly ask her several times to clutch and brake. She braked-- no clutch-- finally, and whiplash followed immediately. Did y'all teach your kids to drive? There is  no Driver's Ed out here any more, closest is a good 45 minutes away at least, which is why our daughter will be waiting to get her license til she's 18. And why I will need some Xanax. Not telling her that tho. Nope. Maybe she is the type of person who just will not be able to drive a stick... but the idea of teaching her in our big old Dodge truck is skeery, what with the speed at which she takes turns. We will give the stick shift another shot today, then if I am terrified out of my wits again during the lesson, will consider... something else, lol. Borrowing my Mom's car to teach her, maybe...

And there's the babble, heh. Now I'm going to go pop a couple of Excedrin and get back to the edits for a bit, maybe work on the installment for tomorrow if I can. I want to. Y'all take care and have a wonderful day!

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