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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stoopid Internet

Hello all, this is Bailey's adult daughter, Amber... the pregnant one. Bailey asked me to tell you that she is sorry but the post is going to be late because her Wifi is down again. The internet provider is supposed to be over nighting her a replacement cord that has keeled over. Hopefully it will be here Wednesday afternoon. Bailey's phone is not letting her post on here, that's why I am doing it for her. She said to tell ya'll that if the cord gets here tomorrow she will have the post up tomorrow night. If it doesn't come she will find some place that has Wifi, even if she has to drive into San Antonio --if she does that she can have lunch with me :)-- and post it Thursday. There are four of you that she owes emails to, and she will email you as soon as she has the internet back, she is not ignoring you. Bailey said to tell you all that she is very sorry and hopefully the new cord will fix the internet problem. She also said to tell you that the installment will be longer to make up for it being late. She said she will reply to comments when she has Wifi because her phone is difficult. Bailey says to take care and have a funtastic day... evening... both. She will be quietly (or maybe not so quietly) going insane without the internet. -- Take care.

 This was interesting popping in here... I'm liking all the book covers... Though Bailey has told me Kerstin has claimed a bunch of them...share? :D Take care and have a great night! -- Amber.

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