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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Someone slept in today...

It is Spring Break, lol. Yesterday was the release for Wait Until Dawn, I hope y'all like it. I did finish the last Spirits book, What Remains. The whole Spirits group are in there at least a bit, but Sev and Laine are the primaries-- and the excerpt I posted a while back? Er. Well I wasn't happy with it so that whole thing is saved in a folder along with other attempts on stories. I read somewhere that authors know by about page 50 whether or not what they've got is working, and I'd say that's true. Frustrating, but true. I can't tell you how many 50-ish page stories I have set aside, going back to when I started on Rescued.

At one point I thought Something Shattered was going to end up permanently stashed away, but something-- nagging from the oldest daughter-- had me pulling it out after 6 or 7 months and going back to work on it. That was after about a 4 month period of not writing at all because I was a bit confused and  maybe intimidated with the whole writing bit. I did dive in head first without knowing anything about the way the e-publishing world worked. It's good that I did just leap, though, or I would have scared myself off from it:)

Now I know a little more, but probably not as much as I should. I like the creative part, but the business part... meh. I suppose I need to get better at that.

Still, I wouldn't trade what I do for anything. I get to write, and I've met the most amazing people here and via e-mail and FB:) And interacting with them, y'all, has brought me so much joy. Y'all have shared pictures and stories, jokes and worries. You've encouraged and supported and helped me to work past writer's block so I didn't miss an installment, because I don't want to short y'all. The times I have had to delay installments make me twitchy to say the least.

I hadn't planned out this post-- I'm generally a pantser even here:) But I do thank you all for hanging around and taking the time to check this place out even if you don't comment. Thank you for the e-mails, too, the comments on FB, and, of course, for reading the stories I write. Y'all all, to put it simply, ROCK :D

Now, on the less serious side. Last night Superkid and I spent a couple hours singing old songs and a couple of not so old ones, usually at the top of our lungs. While, of course, Superkid had her webcam running. Uh huh. I stayed wisely out of view-- being camera shy is not something new on my part at all-- but sure enough, she has blackmail material aplenty now. But it was fun and we laughed more often than not :D

That's about as exciting as our Spring Break has been, which is fine with me-- how's everyone else's week going? Excellently, I hope. Now I am off to run up and grab a greasy, cheesy pizza or two then get back to edits on Reckless:) Y'all take care--

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