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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Late Update

Sorry it's so late, we've had early visitors on top of everything else. My shoulder is almost pain free, still some trouble turning my head to the left but nothing like it had been. I hate that I've missed two installments this week but didn't see any other option. I do appreciate y'all's patience.

Thursday pics are going to have to stop, as there's been new understanding regarding the copyright laws. Linking to the source material doesn't make it usable, and so something else will be happening on Thursdays starting next week. I'm not sure WHAT that will be, but I'll figure something out. Also, Tues-Friday next week will be ARe bucks days, one ten dollar winner Tues Weds Thurs and Friday, just as a show of appreciation. If you haven't entered in the drawing yet, comment and you'll be added. Just leave your name, not your email addie, please:) I'll get that from ya if you win.

I'm off to bed, but I wanted to share one pic with you, this of the newest member of our household-- this is P-Nut, as named by the DH. He's a cute little bugger, and a cuddler. And that's not my hairy leg there that he's laying on :D

Y'all take care, I'll be back here with an installment Friday afternoon :)

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