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Monday, August 20, 2012

And here's a ramble...

But before the ramble, some news from Total-E-Bound:


Directly from the TEB page:

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How you ask?

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Come to Total-E-Bound for the best discounts and get your books before anyone else!"

And now, the ramble--
Just because :D

I've been trying to be healthier, and you know, it kind of sucks, lol. I like my chocolate and baked goods, a whole lot. However, I don't like getting winded easily, and not being able to squat without someone pulling me up. At 43, that just irritates me. I want my knees to work a little bit longer, please and thank you.

I've stopped drinking diet Pepsi because of the sweetners in it, and switched to regular Pepsi, but cut my caffeine consumption down to 1/3 of what it was. I drank nothing but soda for a very long time now, so that's a major change for me. I'm sleepy a lot, but figure the drastic change in caffeine consumption will take some getting used to.

I've started eating some canned spinach every other day for the magnesium. Canned spinach is slimy. Any suggestions for making that more palatable, that doesn't involve meat would be very welcome:)

I've had to cut back on the margaritas at Chili's. For some reason, theirs gives me a cluster headache. Alcohol can cause them, but I can drink them elsewhere and am okay. I will mourn the loss of my Friday frozen margarita *sniffle* And I could go elsewhere, but there is nothing for a good 30 miles around us, or at least no food places that serve mixed drinks, too. Pizza Hut/Wing Street doesn't count 'cause their margarita was gross when I tried it.

Then there's the elliptical. You know what, let's not even go there. >.< Have y'all noticed how much worse it hurts to go backwards on that thing??

See, I'm just babbling here tonight. P-Nut is doing well. He's a cuddle hound, which is good. I like cuddling, too:) The fence has been fixed and we've not had another pup rebellion/outbreak.

Elijah is doing good, as are Vance and Caden. They are all getting so big so fast. I'm thinking of trying to go to AZ for Christmas. If the DH can't go, maybe me and Super Teen can. And of course we'll have to stop in New Mexico and hike The Catwalk again. Should be beautiful that time of year. Maybe we'll even stay in the casitas for a couple of days.

Huh. This is like one of those family chain letters. O.o Well. What's going on in y'all's lives???


ElaineG said...

I have done the same thing....realizing that at 43 (me too lol!) I need to make some changes so that I can be around and be able to walk/move/not need assistance....cut the caffeine down too Pepsi has been in my daily diet since I was a kid (my uncle drove for them, we were VERY popular kids in my neighborhood)...cut calories, TRYING to quit smoking whew! Man age has it's perks but this changing lifestyles crap is HARD when things are so ingrained right? Now? I just need to figure out how to exercise without it seeming like I am exercising cause I have a brain failure when I try to make myself do it! After 9 1/2 yrs without insurance I actually get to see a Doc about my stomach and body cyst issues, so that is a step in the right direction too! Wow, you probably didn't wanna know all that didya ;)....anyway, changes are easier knowing that there are others out there dealing with the same things you are...thanks for reminding me I am not alone, or as unique in my problems and I thought. Hope all is improving with your dad and it's good to know the babies are doing well! I may be a random commenter, but I am a daily visitor and I look forward to all the story posts and family updates and general Bailey awesomeness!

xBeanyx said...

Mix the spinach with a bit of Ricotta cheese and put it in FILO pastry, then put it in the oven for a bit and there you go :-) i'll email you some more recipes, the iPod is being too difficult to make this message long...

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to do more healthy things too. My 40's seem to be hitting me hard! I quit smoking two years ago and now I'm trying to get my weight back down to pre-quitting levels :)
I prefer chopped frozen spinach if I can't get fresh, it's not slimy.

LindaC said...

I don't think I could ever give up my diet coke, but I ought to. I wouldn't eat canned spinach if my life depended on it, but I would eat spinach salad. I admire you for taking charge of your health and making changes.

I LOVE Total E-Bound's new pre-order policy.

My household is geting ready for school to start tomorrow. Dealing with school and varsity soccer both will cause me to get headaches more often because I will have to closely monitor my 16-year old.

jraecat said...

I always put a cap full of vinegar in the spinach when I warm it up - makes it much more palatable.

Margaret S said...

Knees- Squat problem is a major feat to get out of but easier if you can brace and push off something solid. If painful sit or lay with legs out straight and put a pillow or two under your knee. I find this helps ease the pain. If you feel they are a bit stiff put on your favorite tune and boogy around as you work - I often do this when cooking and am moving from one part of the kitchen to the other. Helps to loosen the joint without much pressure.
43 - If that irritates you think of me. Next summer I reach the big six-o - Where did the time go. Feel like a naughty kid most of the time.
Spinach - Find alternatives to give you a break from it. When spinach is in season liquidize and make into ice cubes store in a bag or box in the freezer then you can add one or two to your food as wanted. Sauce for fish, stews or gravy. Maybe into some tomato juice.
Caffeine- I cut back by alternating coffee with caffeine free teas. T-bags in fruit or herbal flavors - Mint, lemon & ginger, lime & ginger fennel & nettle and lots of others. Those with red fruits tend to be sweeter.
I find they have the advantage of tasting nice cold as well which is ideal when working and you forgot it. Don't often have fizzy drinks in the house so that's not a problem.
Margaritas - Not able to help there as I rarely drink alcohol. I suddenly seem to lose interest in it a few years ago.
The grandchildren will all be old enough to be aware and enjoy Christmas this year - magical.
Glad you got the pups sorted.
Glad you have found time to relax and hangout to have a ramble with us.
Wishing you and the family well.

Jase G. said...

Great news from the publisher. It's a pretty cool thing they are doing. And helpful as well.
Seems a lot of people I know are trying to get a bit healthy. I gave up soda two years ago and drink mainly water now. The caffeine withdrawl made me a real b**** for a while but the benefits have been worth it. My knees are far less troublesome now. And my skin is healthier. It's so worth giving it up in the long run. I still have a caffeine drink once in a while. It's like my alcohol consumption now. Only on special occasions. About once or twice a month. As for the spinach......can't help you there. I only eat raw spinach.
Glad to hear the family stuff is going well. That's always a good thing. Mine is driving me nuts. I think I need to run away again. Go back to Boston or maybe Texas. A friend of mine from school has been bugging me to come for a visit. Not sure yet. Bad experiences with Texas in the past. We'll see if it happens.
Hope your week is going well!

Bailey;-) said...


You know, reading y'all's replies really helped me today with not diving into the bags of chips and stuff. :D So thank you! Quitting smoking is hard, been there. I'd quit several times. The last time was for good, and it was just me stopping it one day. I'd tried the gum and patches (oy, my skin and those patches don't like each other AT ALL). I wish you success on that and am sending positive vibes your way:) Caffeine is much harder for me to kick, and lol, I'm on regular Pepsi now! But only those little bottles and max of 4 a day on them-- which is way less than the whole eight pack or more of the diet ones that I drank daily.
And I want to know everything:D There's no oversharing here. I am so glad you're getting to go to the dr!! Let me know how that goes, and take care of yourself! *hugz*

Bailey;-) said...


Well, see, the oven stopped working on the stove some time ago, and not being much of a cook or baker anymore, I've just left the damn thing alone. So any non-baked recipes?? *huggz*

Bailey;-) said...


our 40's are just tough, and I had a doctor tell me that yeah, you gain 20lbs or so when you quit, but that weight falls right off after two years (he lied. LIED I say!) But I did pack on about 20lbs. Blech.
For some reason, cooked spinach is supposed to have more magnesium. I don't know why. I love raw spinach, and even steamed, but cooked...Well, I dumped a bunch of those French onions on it earlier lol:D
I hope you have an awesome week! *hugz*

Bailey;-) said...


School starts today? Super Teen starts back next week. And I know what you mean; I have to watch her closer. I was considering home schooling her, but decided I prefer to stay sane...well, sane-ish.
I just drink nothing but soda, or had for years. I don't know how I still have kidneys. Cooked spinach is slimy, and I like spinach, lol. But not slimy spinach. But, I like cluster headaches not at all and will do anything to keep from having them.
I like the pre ordering too. I've already gone and spent money I should be saving for GRL, lol! I hope you have an awesome week *hugz*

Bailey;-) said...


I will try anything, and that sure couldn't hurt. Canned spinach is just gross. The French onions help though. Okay, I used almost the entire can of them, but still... ^.^

Bailey;-) said...

Margaret S,

You got it right on the knees. Sitting for too long, lying down too long, anything really will make them ache, but if I get up every hour when I'm working, and just move around, it helps. Sleeping at night is more problematic, even with a body pillow. My knees just hurt then.
I don't mind the 43, I just didn't think things would be falling apart already lol.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the lists of other magnesium containing foods. I will be mainlining cocoa powder JK :D
My parents put me on caffeine when I was 3 as an alternative to ritalin or whatever ADD drug they used back in 1972. I grew up drinking as much caffeine as I wanted. We know better now, but no one cared back then-- heck, I could go buy cigarettes from the time I was old enough to walk in a store. I would go get them for my parents while they waited in the car. Anyway, I babble. Cutting back the caffeine is hard but reading up on aspartame got me off the diet soda, and I figured, why not try to get off caffeine, period. Maybe I will make it that far. I don't know.
I didn't drink for years (after drinking alot in my teens and twenties) and only recently started having margaritas. I like having a drink with the DH but that drink might end up having to be juice. I hate cluster headaches.
I can't wait for Christmas this year, and not because I want presents-- I don't. I just want to see the boys' faces when they get to open their presents:D
Lol, well thank you, and thank you for replying! Have a fantastic Wednesday:D

Bailey;-) said...

Jase G.,

I think it's cool, and like I mentioned, I have been shopping when I shouldn't be, lol.
Reading your account of the benefits of quitting caffeine gives me hope:D I'd like functional knees, easier to hike that way. And the whole healthier skin thing would be nice, too, lol. As for the raw spinach, for whatever reason, it specifies cooked spinach as having more magnesium. Yeah it's gross. Cluster headaches are worse than slimy spinach though.
Heh well take a little adventure if you can. Texas is hot this time of year, or at least, south Texas is. It starts to cool off some in October, usually. Today it was over 100 again, and so humid, ugh. People think Texas woman pouf up their hair to make it big-- no, it's the humidity. Makes us all fluffy-headed...But, there are pretty places in Texas, and cooler places. I'm sorry you had a bad experience here. I'm not a good Texan, I'd move far away if I could.
Take care and have a fantastic week:D

Diane A said...

First, good news from TEB, I preorder all my fave authors when it's an option and I already get their newsletter - woohoo!

As for 43 and life changes - we could apparently start our own support group I think! I'm 43 also (44 in October) and while age does not bother me per se, stress has done a number on me in recent years and I was not able to bounce back. Gained 30 pounds in 2011 alone - stress, not food, just stress!

So this year, I joined a gym and got a trainer - expensive, but there are results, even though I wonder sometimes how I do this voluntarily and pay him for it!!! He gave me a diet plan and yeah, more green stuff is required - I was eating lots of veggies before, but carrots are pretty much the sugar of the veggie world! I'm not a big fan of spinach either, but I don't mind it for salad and one that was on the list I was given had spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries, pine nuts and pecans with rasberry vinaigrette (not sure if I spelled all that correctly!) and I really like it. The other way I have spinach is in a whole wheat or multi grain tortilla that I use as a wrap for my lunch sandwiches, with hummus, marble cheese and spinach and in the deli section of most grocery stores, there are different flavored hummus too - my fave is a sundried tomato one. I can send you other items on the menu plan he gave me if you like, but I haven't missed a great deal, and I do still allow myself chocolate as a treat, but it's the usual, moderation!
For exercise he has me do 25 minutes of cardio, then it's resistance and weights, but I have a friend who just dances, hooks up her iPod and dances for about an hour, sometimes two, and she's gone down two sizes in less than a year! Not professional dancing, just music she likes that she dances around to! I knew I needed someone to kick my butt because given the choice of reading or working out, reading won every time!!!

As for family, my "family" are various friends. When I first started gaining weight, my Dad called me at work and started off with "The family and I have been talking about your weight...", did that conversation get better, no, I was in tears by the time he got off the phone, this was after my Mom passed away and he figured he had to do this talk because another relative kept pointing it out! Most recently, my sister who lost weight by starting to cook and cut down on booze (border alcoholic) & stepmom had to change her diet due to a heart condition, were quite self righteous towards me and my weight, hence the reason my friends are my family, and they are all doing well I'm happy to say! One note on the exercise, I actually do better for calories and distance when I have my Kindle at the machine!

Have a great evening everyone and despite the ups and downs of getting into our 40's, think of all we've done, been through, dealt with and seen to get to where we are, and aren't we all amazing for it?!?!

MargaretP said...

Feel proud of yourself for making positive changes for yourself!!! I know how hard it is and I am still trying to make those changes at 45. Baby steps, right?

Spinach = I LOVE soup - so I put spinach (fresh or frozen) in any soup I make and I make soup year round. Had Navy Bean Soup today for lunch and its 98 degrees out - I know, nuts right, but it is low cal - low fat - high fiber - very filling - plus really YUMMY.

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