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Friday, August 3, 2012

ARe bucks for Friday

Once again, courtesy of Random.org-- Super Teen is with her BFF right now. Tomorrow is the funeral, and that will be difficult for her BFF, certainly. Thank y'all for the condolences.

There's no way to make the jump to the winner for today without any awkwardness, so I'm not even trying. I'm a bit tired and blech right now. HOWEVER, Random.org has picked #10/Foretta, as the winner! Congratulations, Foretta, if you'll email me at itsbaileybradford.com I will get those ebucks sent out to you:)

Don't forget, Sunday will be the drawing for the winners of Gilbert, the Leopard's Spots book coming out on the 6th! Check back Sunday night to see who wins:)


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