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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eeeeek! Winners!

Sorry, sorry, I am finishing up Esau, the next book in the Leopard's series. Tomorrow is going to be crunch time and the installment may get moved to Tuesday if Esau isn't done early enough. Has to be in by tomorrow night, though, so I have to concentrate on it. Once that's done, I can catch up on replies:) And e-mails! Yeeps! But, I AM finally beginning to catch up on my writing. It's taken some serious nose to the grindstone (fingers to the keyboard?) days, like yesterday and today (30 hours writing at least) but hey, I am sleeping and eating and when I do get caught up (one more book, I think) then I will feel a lot less stressed.

Okay, babbled, didn't I? ^.^

Random.org was used again, but after this we shall return to our regularly scheduled Super Teen drawing. As expected, yesterday was rough. She's snoozing now, which I think is a good thing.

Winners, per Random.org skeery bot thing... Congratulations to:


 If y'all will email me tomorrow, I will send you your PDF copy out in the afternoon!

Everyone else, there'll be an ARe bucks drawing Tuesday-- or Monday, if I have to swap the installment around, which I have to say is likely. I've got a lot to do to finish Esau's story by tomorrow night.

Good luck in the ARe bucks drawing, I sure hope y'all have all had a wonderful weekend, and let's hope this coming week is an amazing one!! Take care:)

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