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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coming Soon, on a Halloween Night in the VERY Near Future AND Holiday shorts Schedule

Yeah, yeah, kinda lame but after hours spent working outside today, I am worn out! Going to write more on Cliff's story before bedtime though.

But anyway.

I had promised Ms Traci Kurtz a Halloween short with her 3 favorite spirits-- Stefan, Jordan and Gideon. Maybe even appearances by Connor and Ro. We'll see, because I won't know until I am actually writing it. I intend for it to be funny and smutty-- sex, yes, sex for all, or at least Stefan and his lovers :D It won't be real long of a story, but it'll be a story regardless, and I hope it'll be funny, but you never know what mood'll hit.

For Thanksgiving, we'll have a check in with Gabe and Mika, with special guests Marcus and Nathan. Usually it'd be Aidan and Zane but they'll be busy, I think. We'll see. Y'all don't let me forget they're the Turkey Day short!

And Christmas? I had a request for Joshie and Nick. We haven't seen them in a while...er, read about them, I mean. So they'll be the Christmas story. Sound like a grand plan, y'all?

I hope y'all are having a fantastic weekend!


Debra G said...

Sounds like some good stories coming up! I love
Joshie and Nick! My all time favorite couple is Bo
and Max. I can't tell you how many times I've read
their story.

Karen H. said...

Sounds excellent, looking forward to all of it no matter how long or short the story. Especially Josie & Nick, what's not to love about penguins.

Tekikat said...

I love holiday stories...the naughtier the better! Who cares if you don't get a gift from Santa?

Misty*G said...

I swear woman, you are such a tease

Donna said...

Yeah, so happy to hear the line up of the short stories. I am missing some of the guys and even have gone back for some rereads to visit with them. Glad they will be coming back to spend the holidays with us.

LindaC said...

Sounds like you are gonna be VERY good to us. Thanks!!!

Melinda said...

Can't wait for more.

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