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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween short story, as promised. Now, who did I say the T-Day story would be about? It was on FB...or was it here...

Y'all please forgive me if I messed up anything plot wise with the other Spirits stories. It's been a while, and many books in between. I do hope y'all enjoy!

Copyright 2013
Bailey Bradford

Holy Hell, it’s Halloween!

“No.” Stefan shook his head to emphasize his refusal. “I am not wearing that fugly costume. I don’t even know who the three musketeers are, but if they dressed like that, someone should have smacked some fashion sense into them.”
Jordan grimaced and Gideon glared at the hat with the fluffy feather in the band. “I don’t know if this is what they wore. I never read the damned book.” He looked at Jordan, who threw his hands up in the air.
“I was trying to think of trios!” he said with a heavy dose of exasperation. “My God, stop looking at me like I committed a crime!”
“These costumes are crimes,” Stefan said with a slight upturn of his nose. “Ugh. Lee.”
Jordan propped one fist on one very sexily canted hip. “Oh yeah? Well what’s your idea?” He turned and flipped Gideon off. “Or yours, jackass?”
Gideon pointed at him. “There’s an idea. You can be Donkey, I’ll be Shrek, and Stefan can be Princess Fiona.”
“I’m not wearing a dress again,” Stefan huffed. “I want to be Shrek.”
“I’m not wearing the dress,” Gideon argued, “and Jordan’s already a jackass—“
“Y’all are both being jackasses,” Stefan informed them. “Usually that makes me horny, but right now I’m too stressed over the costumes.”
“We could go as ghosts?” Jordan suggested.
“Like there won’t be a dozen of those there already,” Ro said, popping into the room. Conner was right behind him. “I don’t know what you have against wearing the dress Stefan. I mean, either of your guys could just lift it up and fuck you. Doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me.”
“Or both of them,” Stefan said, enjoying the way Ro’s eyes went wide at that. Conner’s kind of narrowed, but he pulled Ro back against him. Stefan would bet someone just got wood—other than him.
“That’s a very good argument,” Jordan rasped, edging closer to Stefan. Gideon scooched over from the other side as well. “Kind of a damned good reason for anyone to wear a dress.”
“I’d like to point out that, as spirits, y’all could just make the clothing disappear anyway,” came another voice.
Ro covered his face with his hands. “Jesus, Uncle Sev! Stop listening to the sex talk stuff!”
Severo laughed and turned to Laine, who joined him in their living room. He filled Laine in on what was happening then turned back to Ro. “When you’re using our house to discuss party plans-- especially in the living room-- don’t be bitching about me eavesdropping. It’s not like y’all couldn’t go do this on the roof or whatever.”
“But I like your couch,” Stefan said, plopping down on it. The cushions barely gave at all, but Laine grunted.
“How many years have I been seeing stuff like that, and it still freaks me out a little,” Laine admitted. He almost smiled, though. Then he did, as he looked at Sev. “We have the most interesting life.”
“We do.” Sev seemed to glow as he stared into Laine’s eyes.
“Maybe they’re going to kiss,” Stefan whispered. “And grope.”
“And more,” Gideon added.
“Gross gross GROSS!” Ro zipped over and thumped Stefan and Gideon both on the back of the head. “Those are my uncles y’all are talking about!”
Stefan rubbed the thumped spot and acted like he was thinking it over. “I guess that might be crossing a line.”
Ro’s spluttering was cute.
“I think he’s just trying to get your goat,” Conner said.
“You can have my damned goat,” Ro informed Stefan, “and what kind of stupid phrase is that?”
Stefan shrugged. “I dunno. If there were ghost goats, that’d be cool though. I miss pets. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pet?” he asked, looking at his friends. Well, not at Sev and Laine, who were doing the whole kissy-kissy thing. Ro turned his back to them.
“Pets,” Conner said wistfully. “Yeah, you know, I always wanted a golden retriever ever since I was a kid. It never occurred to me I wouldn’t get to have one.”
“So I guess all dogs do go to heaven?” Stefan ventured, which strangely enough made him kind of sad. “What about cats?”
“Don’t ask,” Sev chimed in, obviously having finished trying to swallow Laine’s face.
“I love cats,” Jordan said as he crossed his arms over his chest. “They wouldn’t go to hell.”
“Didn’t say they would,” Sev retorted. “I just didn’t say they wouldn’t.”
“Cats are reincarnated.” Gideon nodded. “Yup. I bet they have more than nine lives, too. They just keep coming back and waiting for us humans to have enough brains to figure it all out.”
“All what?” Stefan asked.
Gideon arched his brows. “All everything. Cats have seen it all. They know it all. Them and dolphins probably have some secret society where they sit back and laugh at humans.”
“Death has made you a paranoid bastard,” Jordan muttered. “It’s cute.”
Gideon beamed at him. “Thanks. Maybe you should try it.”
Stefan was going to swat both of them on the ass if they kept picking at each other. But, he knew why they were doing it. It made for some mind-blowing sex afterwards. Stefan was all for that.
“We’ve gotten off track,” Ro said. “Costumes? Remember?”
Sev cleared his throat. Laine looked in their vicinity, then asked, “Who the hell thought of having a costume party in the Afterlife?”
Stefan pointed at Conner, even though Laine couldn’t see him. “Your buddy over there.”
While Laine couldn’t always hear them, he had, over the years, picked up some of Sev’s talents somehow. He looked unerringly at Conner and smirked. “Guess I shoulda known the answer to that.”
Conner flitted over and sent Laine’s hat spinning into the air.
“Ass,” Laine said before huffing out a laugh, his eyes crinkling deeply at the outer corners.
Conner ruffled his hair then slapped Sev on the ass.
Sev yelped and swatted at the air. “Hey! Only one man gets to touch that.”
Conner chortled and tugged on Sev’s hair. “I’m not just a man, though. I’m THE exception.”
Sev stopped rubbing his butt and cradled his chin in one hand. “Hmm. You know, I always wondered if that vacuum cleaner thing worked for spirits
They all knew it didn’t, but it was fun to tease with Sev and Laine, and each other. Stefan wished his brother was there, but he and his lovers would pop in later and see what Lee and Darren were up to.
Then in a few days they’d go to the Halloween costume party Conner had decided to throw for the spirits and their loved ones, living and, well, not.
Finding a costume wasn’t easy. For one, they weren’t living beings, exactly. The frippy frilly crap Jordan had come up with had been borrowed from a college’s drama department in nearby Quincy. Stefan went back with him and Gideon to see what else they might be able to pilfer for a few hours, but nothing clicked for him.
“We could go as a daisy chain,” Gideon suggest.
Jordan gave him a narrow look. “With Zeke’s mother there, and Mrs Hawkins?”
“Mrs Hawkins?” Stefan squeaked. “Guh, she’s so
“Horny, I know,” Gideon finished for him, then sighed. “We have got to hook her up with some single straight guy.”
“Or a toy.”
Gideon gagged at Stefan’s suggestion.
Stefan thought he’d done pretty good coming up with an alternative, even if he didn’t want to think about the ins and outs of it, so to speak.
“That’d be like my grandma” Gideon trailed off and shook his head. “No. No no no no. Not going there.”
“Well, when you put it like that” Stefan wasn’t going there either. Either of his grandmas and toys? He felt a little queasy.
“Where else can we look for costumes?” Jordan asked, more to himself than them as he floated a few feet above the ground.
“I wonder if Conner knew how much this was going to stress us out?” Gideon muttered.
Stefan shook his head. “You know he didn’t. He probably figured we’d just show up as cowboys or something simple like that.” Stefan scrunched his lips up. “Hey. We are over-thinking this. It’s just a Halloween party. It’s not a competition or anything like that. We’re just getting together to have a good time.”
“Yeah,” Jordan agreed, both him and Gideon looking relieved. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m glad one of the three of us has some common sense. Stefan, come here, babe.”
Like he needed to be asked. Stefan zoomed right over and flung himself at his men. “Nice,” he said, feeling the beginnings of two thick bulges against his hips.
“Nice?” Gideon groused. “No guy likes to be described as nice.”
Stefan giggled and wiggled, getting some good rubbing in. “Well, I meant your dicks.”
Jordan huffed. “And we sure don’t like our dicks to be described as nice. Monstrous, maybe.”
“Ginormous,” Gideon added.
“Intimidating,” from Jordan.
Stefan groaned at Gideon’s contribution and reached down to palm each man’s cock. “Y’all need to stop while y’all are ahead.”
“I’ll show you a head,” Jordan offered.
Stefan wasn’t the only one who groaned. “For that, I’m tempted to poof out of here. But I won’t.” Because Stefan wasn’t stupid at all.
Jordan kissed him, more teeth than tongue, and Stefan began to quake as he was touched all over, hands roaming, cocks leaving wet trails on his skin as they were suddenly divested of their clothing.
Sometimes, being dead really rocked.
There was nothing like having two lovers, both working to drive him insane with lust. Stefan tried to keep up, but all he ended up doing was stroking skin here and there as he was kissed and touched, licked and nibbled on. His neck was given much attention as he was very sensitive there, but when Jordan and Gideon moved down to tease his nipples, Stefan started to beg.
And beg.
And beg, his lovers teasing him, working his tits to stiff peaks only to suckle them gently then bite them hard enough to make Stefan feel it.
He grabbed a handful of each man’s hair and pulled, then pushed. His lovers moved down, scraping his skin with sharp teeth, licking, sucking, touching—
Stefan was a babbling, sobbing heap of need by the time either of them touched his cock. He cried out as Jordan sucked him in deep. Gideon went for his balls, then further down to spear his tongue into Stefan’s hole.
Hot, fiery bolts of rapturous bliss began to turn Stefan’s insides into molten need. He writhed as Jordan swallowed around his cockhead, as Gideon pushed two fingers in alongside his tongue.
Stefan fucked Jordan’s mouth, pushed down onto Gideon’s fingers and tongue. He was rewarded with a third digit forcing his ring to spread.
Butterflies flooded Stefan’s belly. He grabbed one leg and pulled it up as high as he could, his knee almost whacking his ear. “Please. Please, please please” Because, oh, he knew what was building up between the three of them.
Jordan rolled Stefan’s balls, then gave them a slight tug. Stefan arched and clenched his ass around Gideon’s fingers.
“I think he’s ready,” Jordan said in a gritty voice. “Are you ready, baby?”
Stefan hooked his other leg up close to his head.
“Pretty,” Jordan observed. “Look at your hole. Gid’s got it all wet and dripping, stretched and ready. Gonna take us both?”
Stefan’s favorite. As if he’d ever say no!
Instead he moaned and rocked his hips. Jordan’s wolfish grin as almost unbearably sexy.
“Get in, Gid,” Jordan said. “Unless you want me to.”
Gideon’s answer was swift. He surged up and had his fat dick at Stefan’s pucker in the blink of an eye. “I’ve got this,” he breathed as he clutched Stefan’s shoulders. “Love you, Stef, Jo.”
Stefan didn’t get to answer because Gideon thrust, sinking his ginormous dick into Stefan’s ass.
“Guhnuh,” Stefan said, his eyes crossing as his gland was treated to the glorious feel of Gideon’s shaft caressing it.
He thought maybe Jordan laughed, but not at him. It was a happy, horny sound.
And Gideon rolled in the air, putting Stefan on top so Jordan could mount him as well when he was ready.
Meanwhile, Gideon held onto him and began fucking him, fast, hard, without the gentle buildup they often started with.
Stefan loved the man endlessly for that alone just then.
“Jesus hell, I could come just watching you two,” Stefan heard Jordan mutter.
“Don’tyoudare” Gideon got out between harsh thrust. “Fuckhimnow!”
Stefan was grateful Gideon said it because Stefan sure as hell wasn’t capable of talking, not when Gideon was pounding his ass like a jackhammer.
“Your wish” Jordan murmured, then Stefan felt more hands on him, the heat of Jordan’s body behind him. “”God, I love this. Love y’all.”
Gideon stilled with his dick right inside of Stefan’s entrance. He pulled out slowly, making sure Stefan felt it, then there was some shuffling behind him, Jordan’s hand lining up two cocks.
“Ready?” Jordan asked.
“More than,” Stefan somehow managed to get out.
Then his mind melted as two thick cocks breached his hole, stretching him wide.
Stefan couldn’t breathe—so it was a good thing that wasn’t really necessary—and he couldn’t think beyond Fuck yeah. He was pinned between his two favorite people in the entire universe and pleasure so intense it made him light-headed was being pounded into him from his ass up.
Jordan bent over him, biting lightly at Stefan’s nape. His breath was hot and moist against Stefan’s skin. Gideon was sucking on the sweet spot beneath Stefan’s left ear, and Stefan Well, he was trying not to drool as he panted and writhed.
Then Jordan began thrusting with short, sharp movements. Gideon sucked harder and got a hand between him and Stefan. How, Stefan didn’t give a shit. There was a hand on his dick though and—
“Gawd,” he wailed, his climax tearing through him. Something shattered in the little room, but he didn’t care. Gideon’s long, drawn out moan began before Stefan’s orgasm fully crested. He felt the first jet of wet heat in his ass, then Jordan was shuddering on top of him, grinding his hips against Stefan’s butt.
Cum leaked from his hole before either man stopped pumping their release into him. Stefan was in slut-boy heaven.
At least until the door to the room was flung open.
“What the fuck happened to the window?” someone asked.
“Why does it smell like spooge?” someone else asked.
“I see—“ a third voice began.
“Oh don’t even start that freaky aura shit,” the first person snapped. “Really, Jules, people are going to think you’re fucking nuts.”
Stefan didn’t hang around to see whether or not Jules was looking at them. He and his men vanished and left the college kids to their glassy, spunk-scented room.
"A Halloween party in a graveyard. How quaint.”
Stefan looked at the snooty man sitting on the headstone. “You can always leave.”
“I could,” he agreed, “but I was hoping to get lucky tonight.”
Stefan cocked his head. “How old are you?”
The guy was good looking, but old.
He gave Stefan a sardonic look. “Obviously, I’ve been dead for a while.” He gestured to his outfit.
“Oh. I thought that was your costume,” he said as he took in the old-timey duds. “1800’s?”
The man looked downright offended. “I beg your pardon. Black Monday. Well, Black Thursday, Monday, Tuesday” He batted at the air. “It was all very hellish. The 1929 version, not the 1987 piddly thing.”
“I doubt the people who went through it and suffered losses thought the ’87 thing was piddly,” Stefan pointed out.
“Yes, well, they didn’t lose everything and have to throw themselves off a building to avoid facing their family’s scorn, did they?”
Stefan scowled at the man and did his best to imitate his snotty tone. “No one had to do that.” He wasn’t going to argue more than that, because he was pretty sure the guy would enjoy that. “What’s your name?”
“Freddy Milner,” he said, holding out his hand. “Delighted to meet you, Stefan.”
Stefan arched a brow at him.
Freddy gestured at the other spirits and live people. “I’ve been listening for a while now. You’ve been called out to often. Are you here with two men?”
“You don’t sound scandalized,” Stefan pointed out.
Freddy laughed, and he seemed less obnoxious for it. “I assure you, the roaring twenties were quite filled with debauchery. It was grand, indeed.”
“Were you young enough to enjoy ‘em back then?”
Freddy laughed again. “My boy, with money, age doesn’t matter.”
“Huh.” Stefan cast about and spotted who he was looking for. “Well, I tell you what. If you want, I can introduce you to someone who’s closer to your age. Er, the age you were when you died, probably. She hasn’t been here all that long.”
Freddie’s entire face lit up. “Really? That would be wonderful!”
Which was how Stefan earned major brownie points with Mrs Hawkins.
He was going to get the best damned cookies ever if she and Freddie did The Deed.
“Smooth, kid,” Conner said as he watched the two elderly spirits go off together. “You have done well, grasshoppa.”
Stefan snorted. “No one likes to be lonely.”
Conner gave him a sweet smile. “No, no one does. And speaking of, the other two Ghostbusters are looking for you.”
Stefan just knew he was grinning fit to be tied, but damn it, he was so happy! Who’d have thought he’d ever be?
He deserved it, too. Stefan was claiming that happiness with both hands and his long toes. “You and Ro look pretty sexy as Tarzan and Jane.”
Conner actually blushed a little at that. “Yeah, well, since he let me get away with just a skirt and a tank top instead of a complicated frilly dress, I guess it works okay.”
“You’re going to be happy later when Ro is swinging from your vine.”
Conner groaned and slapped a hand over his face. He peered out from between his fingers at Stefan. “That was pretty awful.”
“I know.” Stefan patted his wrist. “But you love me anyway.”
“You know it.”
Stefan did. He was with family and friends, and his partners. There was so much love in his afterlife that it should have made the entire world shine.
It made him shine. That was good enough. Stefan floated over to Jordan and Gideon. He knew where his place was—with the two men who had his heart.


Jess1 said...

Fun and funny story, Bailey! LOL. I was thinking of Puss in Boots from Shrek as the third costume for Jordan since he thought of the 3 Musketeers. Love the boots. But Ghostbusters costumes are so perfect for the trio.

Tekikat said...

So cute! I luv that angel on top too :-) Happy Halloween!

kaytee said...

Loved it. Thanks
Happy Halloween!

Margaret S said...

Loved it but now have to cool off and calm down.
Hope you all had a great Halloween.
Now off you go and have a great weekend too.

Melinda said...

I loved this. Thank you

Bailey;-) said...


Thank you! Oh, I didn't even think of Puss!! >.< Ghostbusters just hit me, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Bailey;-) said...


I'm keeping that angel on my desktop screen forever and ever and ever...Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the story and pic!

Bailey;-) said...


Thank you! I hope you had a fabulous Halloween!

Bailey;-) said...

Margaret S,

I was grinning like a loon the whole time I was writing it. It's so relaxing and fun to revisit favorites! I hope you have a fantabulous weekend!!

Bailey;-) said...


I'm so glad you did:D You're welcome!

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