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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vacation Post. Long, lots of pics, skip if you want to :D

Okay, instead of taking up a lot of space on the blog, I put a bunch of pics up on Flickr. I'm not sure how you search there, but I'm guessing they're under my yahoo, itsbaileybradford. I hope. O.o There's a video there too, of the road that gives me nightmares-- a one-lane dirt road going up and down and up and down the Pinos Altos mountains, and I have a fear of heights so yeah, it's 50 minutes of me grinding my teeth and hoping my bladder doesn't just crawl out and abandon me.

Pics of Vacation

Anyway, I am posting a few pics here though :D ( I know, but it's a few compared to the `150 or so I wanted to post, lol!)

 First, here's pics from the petroglyphs at Three Rivers, NM, outside of Tularosa. There are over 21,000 petroglyphs out there. Wow. It was an amazing hike. 

I can't emphasize enough how much I hate this frickin' dirt road. It leads up and down the Pinos Altos mountains, going well over 6000 feet up, and it's ONE lane with little space on the sides to pull over here and there. And I had nightmares the night before and after this damn thing. Been on it before, and it's the only way to get to the mines where the fluorite is. Video of me bitching is up at Flickr.

Reward for the hike up Upper Little Dry Creek, a gorgeous waterfall

I don't know what kinda rock it is, but I had to pop it open. Was cool!

 If it loads, here is the damned road that I hate. And hate is too mild a word. *shudder*

But, we found gorgeous fluortine at the old mines. Here's green and purple :D

 A solitary flower at the Black Hills in AZ where we were hunting for fire agate and chalcedony


Chalcedony and fire agate

Obsidian aka Apache Tears found at Mule Creek

Perfect chalcedony pearl on fire agate


Anonymous said...

those are pretty pictures

Shorty Chelle said...

Amazing pics.

Donna said...

Had to call my baby brother (just eighteen) over to admire your pics, he's a geology & fossil fan.

Bailey;-) said...


Bailey;-) said...

Thank you, Shorty Chelle!

Bailey;-) said...

Glad y'all enjoyed them, Donna :D I don't blame your brother at all; we have hundreds of pounds of rocks that we've collected around the house and yard. :D

Demetra said...

Gorgeous pics Bailey - wishing I was there.

Tekikat said...

Amazing pics Bailey...thanks for sharing

Julia Matthews said...

Amazing pic. Love the waterfall. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Pictures loved seeing all the shapes and colors. I use to collect rock and I have a few arrow heads from my looking at the ground. lol

MA Church said...

Looks like this was a really cool vacation... aside from the road lol.

MA Church said...

Looks like this was a really cool vacation... aside from the road lol.

Jess1 said...

Amazing petroglyphs! You mentioned 21,000 of them out there. Are they protected somehow since they're outdoors? People have a tendency to want to take home some souvenirs. At least after your horribly scary car trip, you got some great rocks.

ClaudiaM said...

Awesome pics Bailey.The folks from( Ancient Aliens ) should see those Petroglyphs.

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