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Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Babble

How's everyone doing? Feel free to share any adventures with the rest of us :D

I'm working on Radney's story and some revisions on Edie's story (the next Spotless one), that's what's keeping me busy. After those two, then I have to revise the other two vamp blog stories that ran here, write extra scenes for each of the 8 Southern Spirits books....and write another Southwestern Shifters book. This one will bring the guys back to New Mexico and will focus heavily on Aidan and Zane, and Marcus and Nathan. At least, that's the plan. We shall see how the plan goes!!

Other than the writing side of things, there's been allergies amok in the family, with Mom, ST, Elijah and Charlie all snorting and snotting and hacking up who knows what. No matter how you want to look at it, a kid blowing snot bubbles is NOT cute. Just saying. Most everyone is feeling better-ish.

If they aren't, they're going to be quarantined in the washroom. :D Fine, fine. I'll stay in the washroom.

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend. Look for tomorrow's installment to be up around 11 PM Central time.



Demetra said...

Looking forward to reading Radney's story. I just pre-ordered Augustin/Tony's book. Woohoo. Sorry to hear about the allergies. Here it has been snowing off and on all fricking day...God thought that was over and done with and can't wait till ALL the snow has melted. Unfortunately no adventures on my side other than home/work/home/work. Happy that next Friday is a day off.

Tekikat said...

Lol! The snort orchestra is in my household too :-) Like you I have a busy schedule..I just wish its for fun instead of work.

L.M. said...

Haha! Oh jeeze! So I can not wait for Edie's story I'm so excited. I really want to get some of my favorites in print, I have them in ebook format. Do you know if any will be hardcover?

MA Church said...

Yeah, can't wait for everything to turn green here. *sigh* *cough* *snot* *LOL*

Love Aidan and Zane, and Marcus and Nathan. Can't wait. :) This time I mean it lol.

Julia Matthews said...

Aidan and Zane. Yeah, love those two.

Anonymous said...

cannot wait for the next book of yours to come out. been rereading the hell out of the ones that i have over nad over again. pretty sure my kindle is pissed me for reading those again and again. pretty sure it keeps whispering (fuck u) to me in my sleep lol

Shorty Chelle said...

Looking forward to all the books that are coming out. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. Have a fabulous weekend. **huggz** <3

Bailey;-) said...

Totallybound only has them printed in paperback. The Vamp series will be printed in sets of two or three stories per book, and the SW Shifters are all single books. :D

Jess1 said...

I knew what you mean about the hacking and the allergies.

L.M. said...

Ahh that's what I figured but I was hopeful! I'm looking forward to so many stories! That's neat about the vamps I think it'll be a good way to read them.

L.M. said...

Ha! Eric I think my ereader is doing the same! I'm deff binge reading Lol

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