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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hair. Again. And other stuff.

So, it was blue. Now it's...

Bright purple! There's also some pastel blue on the tips but my I slept with my hair wet last night and yeah just not going with the full photo lolol. Sorry it's a no-makeup shot but I'm lazy and makeup is not my favorite thing in the world anyway.

Here's more pics of things because...It's a visual/typing babble sorta day :D

Here's Super-Teen AKA Naomi AKA Alice AKA Sierra and who knows what her name will be tomorrow.

Ollie. He's my excuse for not doing laundry. I can't. He's guarding the washer!!

My sister sent me this. It says something nicer on the other side. You can guess which side I leave up though :D

I don't know what this tree is called but the leaves look a lot (not exactly though) like pot leaves, so we call it the purple pot tree. They're growing all over down here and at businesses, but I never can find out the name of them. 


A goddamn mess growing up the front of the house. I should trim it or something but...that'd be work. 

Esperanza or Hope bush

Bruno, Sierra/Naomi/Alice/Girl of Many Names dog.

We are totally not cool. That's just as high as we can count.

It's nice to see the love. 

This is a creepy as fuck doll my mom has on a shelf in her room. It's an F and B doll, from around 1949, 1950. Just look at those eyes. Do it. O.o

Did I post this already? Well now my hair is short and obviously purple lol

PNut, because he's adorable. 

My gorgeous mom and Chewbacca lolol

Sweet dreams! 


Tekikat said...

Adorable pics Bailey :-)

AiboPals said...

Love the photos :D
The thing with the purple flowers looks like Buddleia, it attracts butterflys, I have one outside my window LOL

Shorty Chelle said...

Love all the pics except the creepy doll *shudders*
Awesome hair color Bailey. **huggz** <3

ShirleyAnn said...

Love the purple hair!

Cinders Osborne said...

Love the pictures and your hair is beautiful!

Melinda said...

Love the pics. We actually just adopted a cat that looks exactly like that. He acts like a dog. Follows my son around. Actually steals food off my plate before I can stop him.

Jbst said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. Very creepy doll - scary movies with clowns & dolls are ones that I will always avoid.

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