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Monday, November 21, 2016

Hey All!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend :-) Mike gave me a gorgeous tattoo Thursday that took about 9 hours for him to do, and my forearm is still swollen-- one of these days, I'll learn to say yes to breaking the big tatts into sessions, but honestly, I don't mind getting it all done at once. There will be pain and swelling afterwards anyways. However, because it's my forearm, typing is difficult-- can't let my arm touch the keyboard or anything, because it hurts. Most of the ouchiness is from the tiny bit of tattoo in the bend of my elbow. Bleh. There, and my wrist. All the bendy parts.

But look at my gorgeous wolf! I tried and tried to load a video, but don't think it's going to work. There are pics, though.

(Ignore the messy drawer; that's my catch-all :D )

Years back, I bought two prints of wolves from one of the cons Sierra had wanted to go to. I knew from the moment that I saw the female wolf that I had to have her as a tattoo. Mike did some alterations on her, and I am thrilled with the outcome. He's such a talented artist!

I have to think of a name for her, but nothing's come to me yet.

I'll have an installment up tomorrow despite the tatt; it hurts less every day. Y'all take care and have a wonderful evening <3


Heather Lane said...

That is so beautiful!! What a lovely work of art! Thank you for the pics :)

ingrid said...

Very cool

Tekikat said...

Your tat is beautiful! Kudos to the artist and Mika for the wonderful work :-)

Donna said...

Gorgeous Tat

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