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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

WINNER of Poor Little Rich Boy! Installment late--

Hiya! I didn't get home until nine or so tonight, and had an exhausting day and a shitty, sleepless night, so I'm going to bed early tonight and will write tomorrow.

BUT! I wanted to announce the winner of the copy of Poor Little Rich Boy!

Chosen via random.org, congratulations to:

Sula said...
Another author that we both like, but I don't have this one yet, so thank you for the chance {{hugs}}

Sula, I'll need your ARe email addie, please. You can send it to me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com . I'm sorry to be so brief, but I'm about to drop! 



Sula said...

Yippee, will do and thank you <3

Shorty Chelle said...


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