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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Checking in!

How are y'all doing? I need to be more consistent with posts, not just the installments!

I've been going through edits on the first two Leopard's Spots books...scary how much slipped past us the first time they were pubbed. The books will be rereleased starting August 1st, and hopefully we tied up things we missed this time around.

I haven't written anything besides the installments. I need to finish revising the Calendar story into a shifter one, and I think the other shifter story I'd started here, Metamorpheses, is going to be the second book in the Calendar series. I'll have to revise it and finish it. I stopped not very far into it. So if I can finish that, and the Jasper Soul, which I left off needing a chapter and an epilogue, then hey, that'd be great.

However, I'm signing up to go back to college and finish my Bachelor's. I wasn't far off from having it, and I think heading toward work in the medical field is going to be my wisest choice. Authoring has stopped paying a livable wage for a lot of us, and that was the case even before I started writing so much less. I don't think, even putting out a book a month again, I'll be able to earn enough to pay rent and bills. Could be wrong, but I've lost a lot of readers by not publishing much in the past two years.

Let's see...Oh, I had a fun convo with my first ex today. That one ended in him screaming obscenities over the phone. Whatever. I mean, I left him 25 years ago, so...It seems that he may be speaking to my not yet ex, which is just weird.

I've found a lot of groups in Albuquerque to check into. Naomi and I went to a shaman meeting Thursday, and it was on forgiveness. Very interesting. We'll be attending a different class next week, different type of spiritualism. I love the diversity here.

I am happy, though stressed, and wishing I could write more, but it's not a lack of time that is stopping me. It's something else, and I haven't pinpointed what yet, so I can't address that and fix it. Burnout? Not on the actual writing part, but maybe from some of the other stuff-- industry people screwing us over, hate mail because I wrote a trans character, hate mail because there's not enough sex/I'm a woman/too much sex/not the right characters. Amazon taking over the publishing world. Authors trying to take each other down. All the drama in my personal life.

Man, I just want one big circle of love and support, a safe space for readers, authors, cover artists, editors, etc. *sigh*

Well, I love y'all and hope you all have many, many blessings and lots of love and joy. Thank you to the peeps who've emailed me support, and to those who comment, or just read the posts.



KarenJ said...

So glad to hear you have a plan in motion for moving on. It's so sad that you can't make a living writing full time. As long as you don't stop writing all together, as some of my other favorite authors have had to do, then I will be happy, even if you only are able to release one book a year. Just please don't stop writing completely since that would be such a shame.

Why the heck do people write hate mail? If they don't like how you write then just find another author. Jeesh, people need to just get over themselves.

Glad to hear things are getting better. 😆

Heather Lane said...

Whatever you need to do to be happy and healthy and safe is priority. I wish we lived in a world where the arts were more respected and appreciated so that we could just create without having to worry about bills and rent. And I can't believe how awful some people can be! Hate mail?!?! And for amazing books with incredible, fascinating and loveable characters!!! Those people are so... 😤!
I love you books so much! I will be going through my day and one of your characters will pop into my head and I will reread their book, then I will always end up going back and rereading the rest of the series. I can't count how many times I have done this! They are like great friends to come back to.
I hope that you will always be able to keep creating new characters and tell their stories for us to enjoy. We all need more love in this messed up country!
Thank you for your books, I will always be a huge fan and supporter for you!

Shorty Chelle said...

Everything will work itself out. I'm still here for you Bailey. **huggz** <3

Bailey;-) said...


I firmly believe people are becoming ruder (not ALL people, of course) because they think they can act that way online-- and they can. I'd be willing to bet that most of the hate that is tossed around online, would not be spoken in a face-to-face manner. I've always told my daughters that they had better not say anything online that they wouldn't say to someone in person. Don't use the Internet as a way to bully or be awful.
And I have said some pretty horrible things to people face to face. Online, I have time to cool down. When it's face-to-face and someone is rude or what have you, I snap.
Thank you for your kindness; you've no idea how much I appreciate you hanging around over the years. ***huggz***

Bailey;-) said...

Heather Lane,

Thank you, so very much. I had to wait for days to reply to these three messages, because y'all moved me so much. Your kindness has eased my spirit and I appreciate you taking the time to comment here, not just this time, but every time. ***huggz*** Thank you. <3

Bailey;-) said...

Shorty Chelle,

Thank you; you've been my friend for years now-- where does the time go? And you've cheered me on and put up with my silences. You have given me strength and hope when I needed it. ***huggz*** <3

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