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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Y'all can skip it if you don't want to read a political post, but I won't be silent.

I was told, months back, that my political anger and frustration was all due to my hormones.


Not this imbecile that got elected despite losing the popular vote by millions. Not because he bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, made racist comments numerous times-- I could go on and on with that.

But it was never hormones. DUH. It was and is me, loving this nation, and my heart breaking as I watch it being torn apart. As hate comes bubbling up, nazis not even afraid of being seen, discovered, not bothering with hoods or any disguises. Not thinking there are or should be any repercussions to their actions. White privilege, yes it is a real thing. Look at the pictures from the Charlottesville protests. Look at those men holding torches, rabid in their hatred, uninhibited in it, unafraid.

Hormones? NO. And being silent is being complicit. Being silent is accepting and even condoning. I won't do that. I haven't done that. It might have cost me more than it should have, but I will not be silent while good people in this country are assaulted and ignored, while nazis are allowed to kill and not be called out on it.

I will nag everyone here to vote, to sign petitions, to march and walk and NOT BE SILENT.
l'll urge people in other nations to speak up as well.

This is our world, y'all. These are people, full of hatred, harming others who want equality. Running over them. What kind of human being does that? What kind of hatred exists that such a thing happens?

So there will be political posts-- it's part of who I am. Skip them if you want to, but I am asking you to step up, speak out, take a stand. Don't let hate win.

And whatever you do, or don't do, I send you love, and wishes for peace.


Linda Nasuta said...

<3. Well said. Thank you.

Margaret S said...

If the driver who rammed his car into the crowd had been anything but white home grown American it would have been immediately seen as a terrorist act as these acts have around the world. Didn't Trump swear in the oath taken to fight enemies "foreign and domestic"- Well that seems to have gone down the drain.
Trump in the UK is a word used for the expulsion of gas from the butt.:)

AiboPals said...

I must admit to being sickened by the stuff going on, and that assholes response, makes me sad for the good people in the US having to deal with him, being in the UK I have been verbally attacked for daring to have an opinion about Trump, since pretty much everything he does sickens me, my heart goes out to the family of the lady killed and those injured, stay strong friends, If I could sign petitions to help get rid of him I would in a heartbeat, especially since his actions and inaction are spreading the hate not just across the US, but around the world, because the lack of condemnation means people with sick views are gaining strength across the globe, no point saying he should consider the implications of his actions, since he in incapable of doing so.

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