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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday Doldrums

Did I spell that right? Well, it's that kind of day, not a bad day, but I've got about as much motivation as a bag of rocks. I reckon if someone pushed me downhill, I'd get to rolling, lol.

I think I've decided to self-pub a couple of the blog stories, see how they do on Amazon. Like many authors, since ARe bit it, my royalties have plummeted, although...I can't just blame that. I haven't been writing anything more than the blog stories. Y'all inspire me when little else does. <3

So tell me what y'all have been up to! Here, or via email at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com . Let me know how y'all's lives are going.



AiboPals said...


I will say about the self-pub amazon thing, I never ever buy ebooks from Amazon, mainly because I cannot read them through my preferred reading program, but also because I can't save them/access them with titles that work for me, so I hope you have an alternative seller as a backup like Smashwords, It would suck to miss out because of the amazon thing

Bailey;-) said...

Fair point, AiboPals, and thank you for making it. I know with Kindle Unlimited, I can't have the book up anywhere else for 3 months. So that might be okay with stories that have already been pubbed if y'all have read them, but not new stories y'all haven't gotten to see. So that might be a plan-- put the ABR stories on KU and see how they do, all new works on Kindle, iTunes, Smashwords, etc. If there's something you can't access, you can always email me and I'll fix it. And I am SO glad the GC issue is fixed!

AiboPals said...

That definitely sounds like a fair solution, I don't mind waiting a bit for the KU time limit for the blog ones for sure, the new ones yep that sounds solid, some authors I used to get but since the ARe farce they don't sell anywhere but amazon, I tried talking to them and telling them they are losing readers like me, but was ignored, so figured they didn't want my support

Margaret S said...

I like AiboPals don't download ebooks from Amazon for similar reasons.I feel that both authors and readers are being herded like sheep towards Amazon with other avenues being cut off one after the other. I was thought to be joking when I said a few weeks back that at this rate there would come a time when you would bring your new baby out of hospital with an Amazon logo on its butt because they run the hospital. It is like a giant blob engulfing the world. Most of the seller I user to buy print books for years have gone bust or are now under the Amazon umbrella. They seem to be heading for the same coverage of the ebook market. An Author's survey saw recently slowed they are already up to 60%. How are author going to make money with the offers on ebooks - One the other day was a large collection of book plus another 9 books if you pre-ordered it. Price $0.99 / £0.99. They set what you get and at that price it can't be much. Tread carefully Bailey you might end up swimming with the great white shark. I have had two author's newsletters since lunch who are planning on moving some if not all out of Kindle. One said she felt caged. Sorry for the rant it is one of my pet peeves,

Bailey;-) said...

AiboPals * Margaret S, I think a lot of authors are just trying to find ways to survive, but they definitely need to listen to readers. Amazon IS taking over everything like Margaret S said; now, it's hard for an author to earn money there, but it's hard to earn a living without Amazon. We are well and truly screwed. I will say this, too: I blame ePubs in part for caving to Amazon. When I started writing, books were held one to three months at the epub, then released elsewhere. Once epubs handed that over to Amazon, that 1- 3 months, well, there went sales at the sPubs. And then so many ePubs bit it because they'd just handed over most of their income. Now, if I use KU, then I will earn less than .004 cents per page read-- PAGE READ, not per book downloaded etc. And there are a bunch of people slapping up 'books' with few words on each page, so there's more page count. My understanding on KU came from this post:

So KU is NOT a good deal for authors IMO, unless you've got lots of books and a huge following; however, if I put the books out elsewhere first, then move them to KU, I might get new readers. What I wouldn't do is stick a new book on KU. I learned from pubbing with RNP, which is a great company, btw, that ePub site sales are pretty non-existent. We tried various things to drive sales to the direct pub site, but overall that wasn't very successful-- for me. Maybe it is for other authors there. It's very possible I've lost a lot of readers in the past two years while my life went to hell around me. So I don't know; I'm just bouncing ideas around and checking first and foremost with my readers. Y'all come first.

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