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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

*Ahem* New Cover Art

I know most of y'all have read the two books in the Power series I had out with RNP, but they'll be coming out again with Pride-Publishing pretty soon, including the brand-spanking (heh) new one, too! So I have cover art for the first short, Exchange. Cover created by the amazing Emmy Ellis, who now has a website for all her magical makings, studioenp.com .

Here is the new cover and buy-link for Exchange. Pretty please, share it if you can. Thank you!

Now, it's back to work on Planets for me. It's okay if it's over 50k, right? :D


Heather Lane said...

The cover is beautiful! And of course, the longer the better!

nikirenee said...

Cool cover and yea s it is way ok if it is over 50k :)

AiboPals said...

Oh the cover is amazing, and heck yes very happy if Planets is over 50K *grins*

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