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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ugh. Installment tomorrow. I haz cooties.

I feel like shit today, y'all. No sleep last night, sore throat and achy today. I did go to the urgent care this morning, but I didn't feel as bad then. PA there prescribed me 3 new meds for allergies-- and of course my insurance covered NONE of them, so forget that. I don't know if this is allergies or what, but I am just bleh.

Tomorrow I start seeing my new therapist, as does ST/Naomi. I'll have an installment up tomorrow night unless I'm sicker then than now.



Heather Lane said...

Feel better!

AiboPals said...

Shoot hun I hope you feel better soon, many things I can relate too, luckily for me allergies isn't one of them, though I don't react well if I get bitten by ANYTHING, so 2 industrial bug zappers are on most of the day most of the year and I have to take anti histamines as a precaution, the beeps seem to love munching on my legs

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