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Monday, October 2, 2017


I didn't get much of anything done this weekend since Amber's schedule changed to 7 AM-3:30. I am NOT a morning person, so I'm getting less sleep than usual and omg I am dragging ass.

Wednesday at 7:30 AM Naomi/ST has a sleep-deprivation ECG to check and see if she still has epilepsy.

I have a job interview tomorrow for an inventory position; Naomi has an interview at Disney for a seasonal job. I also have an interview at Target, UPS, and a call center-- all this happened in 12 hours after months of nothing. O.o

I still need to finish Planets, and I will. Probably after this week, since the lack of sleep is not conducive to writing.

Now. Las Vegas. My god. I have no words. I have nothing but pain and sympathy and tears-- and a lack of surprise. Horrified, but not surprised. I don't understand how anyone can just...just slaughter people, shoot them and keep shooting and why the fuck is a person like that even existing? What makes someone want to do that? I can't understand. Maybe no one can.

People, y'all, I tell y'all I love y'all, and I do. I do. Please be safe. Please be kind (y'all are; y'all are the BEST). Grab onto all the love and happiness you can, give all you can.



Heather Lane said...

I'm horrified too, but yes, not surprised. It's so awful.
Good luck on your interview, I hope it goes well. And I hope you are able to get some restful sleep!

nikirenee said...

Sending positive energy to you for your interviews.

Margaret S said...

Las Vegas - Horrifying ans deeply sad. One sick individual has caused such grief and injury for so many. My Heart goes out to those who got caught up in this tragedy.
Good luck to both you ans Naomi with your interviews. I hope you manage to get some quality sleep very soon.

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