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Monday, February 5, 2018

Sneak Peek at Mr. April!

Hey all! Just popping in to give a sneak peek at Mr. April! Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Judi for a writing session, and I'll come up with blurbs/storylines to post later on Tuesday. :D So y'all get ready to vote!

Anyway! Here's an unedited excerpt from Mr. April-- it's a little less humorous but there are, of course, goofy moments in it.

Calendar Men 4: Mr. April

Copyright 2018
Bailey Bradford

Baz Bennett spotted the tall, brooding man the moment he walked into Busca’s. While not what one would consider classically handsome, he was attractive in all the ways that flipped the fun switches for Baz. Broad-shouldered, gorgeous brown hair that was long enough to be pulled back into a short ponytail, a neatly trimmed beard, and features that were rugged and masculine—wideset eyes, thick eyebrows, a long nose that tipped down just the slightest, and a mouth Baz wanted to lick.
Well, he wanted to lick all the man’s parts, but that’d get him fired since he was working and drooling over a customer was frowned upon.
But Baz could work the odds in his favor for getting a date with the stud.
He leaned over to Nessa, who was the hostess. “Hey, Nessa. I’ll give you twenty bucks if you set that tall stud muffin at one of my tables.”
Nessa was old enough to be Baz’s mom, and she acted like that’s what she was. She flicked an annoyed glance at him even though her lips twitched as she fought back a smile. “You know we’re not supposed to do that.”
Baz gave her the best puppy-eyes he could manage. He’d worked on that expression for many a day in front of a mirror. “Please? He looks lonely, and I’m lonely. You wouldn’t want me to die all—”
“Oh geez, cut it out. You’ve got a customer at table seven staring at you and holding an empty glass.”
“Oops.” Baz darted one more glance at the handsome man before darting over to table seven. His smile was genuine as he took the proffered glass. “Sorry about that. Would you like the same thing, sweet tea? And maybe a slice of pie for dessert? On the house since I wasn’t as quick as I should have been.” He’d pay for the pie out of his tips and without regrets.
“Yes, and pie would be great. Pecan, please.”
Baz assured the customer he’d be right back, and when he returned with the tea and pie, his heart did a little happy dance when he saw that Nessa had done him a solid after all.
“You’re the best,” he mouthed to her as she winked at him.
Baz straightened his black apron and hoped his hair was still gelled to perfection. Five hours on his feet could, however odd it seemed, mess it up. He was glad Nessa had set Mr. Stud at the last table in Baz’s area, which meant there was an empty table on either side of the customer. Baz tried for a sultry smile as he sauntered over.
And damn, up close, Mr. Stud was even hotter.
“Welcome to Busca’s. My name is Baz, and you are?” Not his usual server line, but hey, a guy could flirt a little.
“Uh.” Mr. Stud blinked at him a couple of times then set down the menu Nessa had given him. “Um. Will. Is that—is exchanging names a thing now?”
Baz moved closer to the table. “Well, Will, it isn’t the norm, but I am exceptional, and I’d bet you are, too.” He said it with enough cheese to make sure Will knew he was joking, at least about himself.
Will didn’t disappoint. He chuckled and the warm, free sound of that little slice of happiness made Baz’s chest tingle. “You’re something, that’s for sure.”
Baz grinned and winked. “Is that something good, or something bad? Because I can be both. I’m very good at being bad.”
Will laughed and Baz felt like he’d won a grand prize.
“I bet you are.” Will leaned back in his chair and gazed at Baz with the prettiest green eyes he had ever seen. They were bright and rich in color, and Baz could have stared into them all day. “I’ve only been here once before. Tell me what you’d recommend for me tonight.”
Baz repressed a lewd comment that would have been out of line. Besides, it was too soon to be offering himself up on the table. “Well,” Baz drawled, reaching for the menu. He flipped it open. “A big, strong guy like you needs his protein.”

Will almost choked on his own saliva. “Oh yeah?”

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