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Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday... Why aren't we skipping this day?

I've got the kids as Amber has a migraine, so I don't know if I'll get an installment up. It depends on when kids go to sleep, when Amber feels better, etc., but for the sake of everyone involved, I'm going to say the installment will be done tomorrow rather than today.

Now, a question for y'all:

Any of y'all have advice for treating severe eczema? Charlie's legs and rear are all broken out; the doctor prescribed steroid cream etc, but none of that ever helps. We've tried bleach baths, as doctor prescribed. A lot of Charlie's eczema stems from her food allergies (dairy, peanuts, walnuts, eggs, wheat, apples, oranges, berries...um, almost everything, and all the foods she actually likes), and allergies to plants, dust mites, carpets, couches... etc. So if y'all have any suggestions-- have done oatmeal baths and tar soap too-- we would appreciate it. 

Also, Elijah wants to play Minecraft. I have NO idea how to do this, so if I'm batshit insane manana, (insaner?) blame the game. O.o

Happy Monday, y'all! <3


Tk Paige said...

baking soda bath. Barrett had a rash he battled for months & dumping a bunch of it in his bath before bed helped. we also used cortisone creams.

Lisa Linkous said...

I use cortisone 10 and oatmeal lotion. I hope this helps. Have you tried a glouton free or all natural diet for Charlie?

Anonymous said...

My son suffered from very severe eczema as a baby. We wound up taking him to a dermatologist who prescribed him a much stronger cortisone ointment than his pediatrician. We would give him an oatmeal bath (oatmeal in a stocking over the faucet so the water runs through the oatmeal), apply the cortisone and then slather him in detail moisturizing cream. He hated it but it cleared up the eczema.

Bailey;-) said...

Tk, Thank you, we will try it. She's had the cortisone and all that, but it's not clearing her up, and she's scratching until she bleeds. :/

Bailey;-) said...

Lisa Linkous,

She's allergic to eggs, dairy, most fruits she likes, nuts, and a few other foods, but she still gets accidentally exposed to some of the things. Elijah had eczema due to food allergies, too, but he outgrew it around 4 or so. Maybe we need to add gluten-free to Charlie's dietary requirements. :D

Bailey;-) said...


She's been to a dermatologist a few times; most of her eczema is due to allergies. Between the allergist and the dermatologist, they've yet to clear her up :/ I just hate seeing her hurting. Oatmeal bath, as you described, is on the way! I never thought to use a stocking before. *hides in shame* The messes I could have saved myself...

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